Cello follows a typical Master-Worker architecture. There are two types of Nodes in the cluster.

  • Master Node: Holds Cello services to manage (e.g., create/delete) the chains inside Work Nodes. Usually, Master Node will provide Web dashboard (port 8080) and RESTful api (port 80). It is recommended to use Linux (e.g., Ubuntu 14.04+) or MacOS;
  • Worker Node: Nodes to hold blockchains. Take Docker Host or Swarm Cluster for example, the Docker daemon should be accessible (typically at port 2375) from the Master Node.

Deployment topology

Master Node

See Installation on Master Node.

Worker Node

Currently we support Docker Host or Swarm Cluster as Worker Node. More types will be added soon.

Special Configuration for Production

Here we describe the setups for development usage. If you want to deploy Cello for production, please also refer to the Production Configuration.

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