Master Node Setup

The Master Node includes several services:

  • dashboard: Provide Web UI for operators.
  • restserver: Provide RESTful APIs for chain consumers.
  • watchdog: Watch for health checking.

More details can be found at the architecture doc.

It can be deployed by in 2 steps.

  • Clone code
  • Run setup script

System Requirement

  • Hardware: 8c16g100g
  • Docker engine: 1.10.0~1.13.0 (Docker 17.0+ support is experimental)
  • docker-compose: 1.8.0~1.12.0

Clone Code

You may check git and make are installed to clone the code.

$ sudo aptitude install git make -y
$ git clone && cd cello

Command help - make

To know more what the following make commands does please refer make_support page.

Run Setup

For the first time running, please setup the master node with the

$ make setup-master

Make sure there is no error during the setup. Otherwise, please check the log msgs.



To start the whole services, please run

$ make start

To stop or restart the whole services, run make stop or make restart.

Redploy a service

To redeploy one specific service, e.g., dashboard, please run

$ make redeploy service=dashboard

Check Logs

To check the logs for all the services, please run

$ make logs

To check the logs for one specific service, please run

$ make log service=watchdog

Now you can access the MASTER_NODE_IP:8080 to open the Web-based operational dashboard.


The application configuration can be imported from file named CELLO_CONFIG_FILE.

By default, it also loads the file as the configurations.

Data Storage

The mongo container will use local /opt/cello/mongo path (Must exist locally) for persistent storage.

Please keep it safe by backups or using more high-available solutions.

Work with MacOS

In MacOS, Docker cannot mount local path from host by default. Hence for mongo container data volume, users need to:

  • Make sure the /opt/cello path exists locally, and it is writable for the current user account. make setup-master should handle this already.
  • Add the path to sharing list in the preference of Docker for MacOS, to make it mountable by container.

Creative Commons License
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