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1. Server

1.1 Components 1

1.1.1 API Engine

Api engine supply the core function, all operations through the api service.

Host path mappings:

  • /opt/cello/api-engine/media:/var/www/media store all media files
  • /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock Used for agent containers launch, which will deploy fabric, eg. network
  • (optional) $ROOT_PATH/src/api-engine:/var/www/server When run in debug mode, MODE=dev, will mapping the source code into container, ROOT_PATH is the source code path.

1.1.2 API Engine Tasks

This component run all the async longtime task for api engine, it's receive tasks through redis, and can dynamic set the thread pool. ```

1.1.3 Postgres

Store all the data in postgres database, and the storage path is mapping out on the host.

Host path mappings:

  • /opt/cello/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data Store all db data.

1.1.4 Redis

1.1.5 Dashboard

1.2 Deployment Method

1.2.1 Docker compose

1.2.2 Kubernetes

2. Agent

2.1 Kubernetes

2.2 Ansible

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  1. running containers of cello master service